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Welcome to WHC, where we are proud to deliver to you the Smart Lab cosmetics range of the finest Dead Sea Products, sourced for you at great value prices.

Since time immemorial the Dead Sea has been celebrated as one of nature’s miracles, a virtual treasure chest of minerals vital for health and beauty. The Jordan River is the main source of water for the Dead Sea, with a few smaller rivers also emptying into it. Despite the constant inflow, and the fact that it has no outlet, the level of the Dead Sea changes very little over the year. This is the result of the extremely high rate of evaporation from the heat of its wide-open, below sea level, desert location. The water quickly evaporates, but the salt remains.

The uniqueness of the Dead Sea has been known for centuries. This is the only place in the world with this particular combination of exclusive spa benefits: peculiar sun radiation and climatic conditions, enriched oxygen atmosphere, mineral-rich salt sea, thermomineral springs, and mineral-rich mud. 

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